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白楸 Turn-in-the-wind
Mallotus paniculatus



Small trees up to ca. 20 m tall and 15 cm, reproductive from 1 m tall and 2 cm. Twigs solid, densely hairy (short, creamish-coloured, mainly tufted and stellate hairs). Leaves alternate, ovate to elliptic, rarely 3-cusped, rarely slightly peltate not ending in the margin (looping); leaf base usually attenuate to sometimes rounded, pelate margin, leaf margin with glands, sometimes serrate; leaf upper surface glabrous, with 2 basal nectary glands directly next to petiole insertion, apical nectary glands present or absent; leaf lower surface densely hairy, glaucous, densely gland dotted. Staminate inflorescences branched; flowers clustered per bracteole; bracteoles with entire margins. Pistillate inflorescences branched; fruits 5-8 mm wide, 3-locular, with several long thick spines.