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山烏桕Mountain Tallowtree (Tallow Tree) 
Sapium discolor



Trees to 12 m, rarely to 20 m tall, glabrous; branchlets grey-brown, lenticellate. Leaves alternate, papery, reddish when young, leaf blade elliptic or oblong-ovate, 4 - 10 cm long, 2.5 - 5 cm wide, base cuneate, apex obtuse or shortly acuminate, with several rounded glands on near margin abaxially; midvein elevated on both surfaces, lateral veins 8 - 12, alternate or nearly opposite; petioles 2 - 7.5 cm long, biglandular at apex; stipules small, subovate, ca. 1 mm long. Flowers monoecious in terminate racemes; inflorescences 4 - 9 cm long, female in lower part, male in upper part or throughout. Fruit is Capsules black, globose, 1 - 1.5 cm in diameter, column persistent. Seeds are subglobose, 4 - 5 mm long, 3 - 4 mm in diameter, with thinly waxy arillus.

Timber used as match poles and tea boxes, Roots and leaves are used as medicine for traumatic injury, detoxify the viper bites. The seed oil used as source of soap.